Love is NOT a Feeling. Love is a CHOICE.

Marriage isn’t winning the lottery; the jackpot is finding someone willing to put in the effort with you.

The One Sentence That Explains Why Most Marriages Fall Apart (

Before we got married, Chris prayed to God multiple times, “Please don’t let her be the one.” He admitted I was too “strong” and while he knew he wanted and needed a strong woman, he admits he was not sure he was quite ready for me.

Nine years later, today, October 27, 2022, we celebrate another anniversary.

Let’s be clear, the lockdown took a toll on us and 2022 has not been our “best year yet.” However, praise be to God, we worship the same God, and from our first date we knew Yehovah had a plan for us. Thus, as of this post, as of this day, our nine-year anniversary, we are doing quite well because, like the author of the quote, we know it takes work, a lot of work. We know feelings are finite, fickle, and fallible and they change.

Love is NOT a feeling.


As such, we press on in daily prayer and surrender, one day at a time. And, we have already booked our 10-year anniversary cruise to Italy and the Mediterranean. 🙂

To all those who have lifted us up in prayer, we have needed it…a LOT. LOL!

All kidding aside, it is because we have surrounded ourselves with men and women committed to their marriage and singles who want what God has designed, that we have weathered the storms of our own. You are who you surround yourself with and, as such, THANK YOU to all who have prayed for us. #PrayerWorks

For those who do not know, I am not only committed to my marriage, I am committed to praying for your marriage. In fact, I respect God’s design for marriage so much, I became a licensed Minister of Marriage. Let me know if I can serve you or your loved ones on your special day or even as you renew vows. #MarriageMatters. You can learn more at Spiritual Guidance – Kasandra Vitacca Mitchell

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Kasandra Vitacca Mitchell

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