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Kasandra has availed herself to serve individuals around the nation, 1on1, for several decades and the results are always the same – positive, healthy, successful, joy-filled TRANSFORMATION as expressed by one of her clients:

“The Lord works in mysterious ways. I am slowly learning not to be a workaholic. I’m learning family is everything (both blood and otherwise). I’m learning that it’s OK to have an opinion that doesn’t align with maybe half of my ‘friends.’ It’s ok to say no and not people please. You, your book, and a couple of your YouTube videos have played a part in this transformation. Thank you!” – Kevin V. Business Owner

Whether you want to improve as a leader, gain more control over your finances, enhance your marriage, or increase your faith walk, Kasandra will work with you to develop a program for you to experience immediate, practical impact as well as gain long term, positive ROI.

Kasandra’s coaching clients have engaged her weekly for a month or once a month for a quarter to a year. Others have asked to focus on creating a more effective plan regarding annual goals or finances and have participated in specific six-month programs. Whether you want 1on1 mentoring or you would like to focus on creating a Success Plan in one area of your life, contact Kasandra for you complimentary consultation.

  • “I have worked with Kasandra through a multitude of mediums. She is an expert not only in the financial realm, but also the mental, physical, and spiritual realms.”

  • “Kasandra’s practical approach to goal setting was not only eye-opening, but wildly effective.”

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