“Guess What…
it IS Possible to be Happy!”


As an Author, Speaker, Teacher and Financial Advisor helping thousands of people across America achieve financial security for over a decade, Kasandra is now on a mission to bring her research, wisdom, and authenticity to audiences as she helps people understand how to implement “The Happiness Formula.”

IQ   +   EQ   +   GQ   =   HQ

The Happiness Formula

In the day and age of information overload with the world of data, facts, and stats at your fingertips, what is the right answer, the correct combination of attitudes and actions that will enable you to live the life you have always wanted?

We all want health, wealth, peace and prosperity, but how do you DO it? How do you GET these wants and needs met without having to give up too much of what is pleasurable?!

Introducing…”The Happiness Formula”!

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