What Other’s Are Saying:

  • Mentor Extraordinaire!

    I have worked with Kasandra through a multitude of mediums. She is an expert not only in the financial realm, but also the mental, physical, and spiritual realms. Throughout the 9+ years I have known her, Kasandra's character has never changed; she has a giving heart, targeted toward the growth of herself and others. If you want someone to keep you on track and speak equal amounts of compassion and Truth, she IS that person.

    Maya M.,
    Business Owner
  • Full of Energy

    Kasandra is full of energy and information! No boring speaker here!!

    Debi T.,
  • Heart for Others

    The joy of working with Kasandra is her strong faith and her heart for the welfare of others. I have been involved in the financial services industry for 15 years and, until I met her, I had never heard of such a system as Capital Recapture/Private Reserve. I have since been exposed to the power of this dynamic, yet simple, tool and look forward to the benefits it will provide me and my family for generations to come. Thankfully it is never too late to start, though I would love to have gotten started 20 years ago. Thanks for all you do Kasandra.

    Ray L.,
    CFP, ChFC, Vice President, International Banking
  • She's Not Trying to Sell Me Something

    What I love the most about working with Kasandra is that I never felt she was trying to sell me something. I was amazed at the amount of time she was willing to spend with me to make sure we were comfortable with the concepts that Epiphany Financial is teaching. She really wants to know you as a person first, and then uses her expertise to help you reach your goals. Epiphany Financial's business planning has helped with my personal finances and I am happy to see how well we are building towards both our business and personal spending goals.

    Tarik R.,
    Owner/VP, Dermatology Practice
  • A Gift of Authenticity

    I cannot tell you how honored I feel that God put you in my life! I’m learning from you and growing spiritually, mentally and emotionally. Not everyone can touch us in the way that you have touched me. Thank you for your time and the gift of your authenticity. You are blessing me and, no doubt, countless others. It’s so amazing to find women to sit at the well….to share, to love, to encourage. Thank you for being one of those women in my life!

    Keely T.,
    Health Consultant
  • She Filled The Room With Her Energy

    I had the pleasure of hearing Kasandra speak during a business woman’s luncheon. Right away she filled the room with her energy and excitement as she began talking to us about being the best version of ourselves. She shared personal stories and connected with her audience by making us remember some of our own fond memories. Kasandra not only told us that we can complete our goals, but she gave us tools on how to get there. My favorite part was being told that once you complete your goals list to make another one! Being a professional business woman means that we always have to be taking another step forward and Kasandra helped me understand that while I am completing one goal I can also begin writing a new one. I am excited to think of the kind of leader I will become because of the goals that I have accomplished.

    Breanna P.,
    Education Specialist
  • It's A Process

    Outside of helping me set the foundation of my life, recognizing my identity as a daughter of the Most High, Kasandra has shown me how to set goals. She has shown me that the point is not just to reach the goal, but to immerse myself in each step of the process. Working with Kasandra as a coach, mentor, and advisor has helped me become a better person in my marriage, as a mother, business owner, citizen, and friend.

    Meredith M.,
    Business Owner
  • Tangible Tools

    Kasandra is a vibrant, energetic speaker who engaged our audience and captivated us with her secrets to success. Her research and knowledge on the subject let us see how incredibly passionate she is to help others to be successful and have a positive outlook. I loved that we received some tangible tools that we could use going forward. And, I look forward to reading her upcoming book! Highly recommend!

    Christian G.,
    Business Owner
  • Very Thorough

    The biggest draw for me to work with Kasandra is that I have unique needs as a business owner and I am young and I want to build. After speaking to Kasandra, I liked the idea that I have more flexibility. I can plan and prepare for the future but I can meet my needs now as well. Kasandra really listened to me and what my needs and concerns are and she took the time to be very thorough. And let's face it, her credentials speak for themselves. Kasandra has the ability and the experience. I feel like my very specific, customized needs and wants have been met. It's not cookie cutter. Kasandra took my dreams and desires and built around me.

    Lori B.,
    Owner, Wills & Trust Attorney
  • Provided a Tax Efficient Strategy for Leveraging My Capital

    After learning about and starting my own Private Reserve System, I can't understand why this financial tool is such a well kept secret. I wish that I had learned of this simple yet powerful system 20 years ago. Frankly, had this idea been presented to me by someone that I did not already know and trust, I may not have taken the time to consider it. For those of you that do not know Kasandra, you will thoroughly enjoy working with her. She is as passionate about the financial well being of others as anyone that I have ever met. Thanks to her, I now have a very tax efficient strategy for saving and leveraging my capital, and as an added bonus, I have enough life insurance to ensure my family's security.

    Carol H.K.,
    CEO, HR Consulting
  • Golden Nuggets Easy to Understand

    Kasandra’s presentation, ‘The Total Business Woman,’ was filled with golden nuggets presented in an easy to understand and easy to implement outline. One of the nuggets that helped me most is that as a wife, mother, entrepreneur and minister, I always hear/see people provide unsolicited advice about what I “should” be, BUT I need to be the one who defines what it means to be a Total Business Woman. It was freeing to hear Kasandra stress that the Total Business Woman is based on my definition. Her presentation made it acceptable for me to really analyze what it is that I want in my life. Since the presentation, I have had discussions with my husband about occupational areas I am most passionate about and I am now concentrating on the areas I really enjoy most. Women of any age, socio-economic background, and occupation will benefit from ‘The Total Business Woman’ presentation.

    Teri M.,
  • An Electrifying Public Speaker

    Mrs. Vitacca-Mitchell is an electrifying public speaker.  Her passion for the subject matter is infectious.  In just 45 minutes, attendees gained a fresh perspective on how personal financial goal-setting, or the lack of, directly correlates to the success or failure of professional financial goals and fundraising endeavors.  Her experience provides a highly relevant perspective to audiences faced with the challenge of developing a strategy to meet financial goals, both personally and professionally.  Her presentations are packed with illuminating anecdotes, telling statistics, and a refreshing dose of good humor. She will deliver valuable information and analysis in an inspiring and entertaining manner.

    Meredith M.,
    Non-Profit President
  • Wildly Effective

    Kasandra’s practical approach to goal setting was not only eye-opening, but wildly effective. If you are looking for a wholistic approach to improving all areas of your life, but also want more than simple visualization exercises, this is what you’ve been looking for!

    Julia K.,
    VP Marketing
  • Reduced My Debt By $50,000

    I have been working with the Personal Economics Group for about a year and I cannot say enough good things about them. Kasandra and Mary did a wonderful job of explaining how to 'be my own banker' and took the time to fully review several different scenarios. At the beginning of this year, I have started to be my own banker and as a result, have been able to reduce my debt by approximately $50,000 but more importantly, lay a foundation for security into the future. The concept is new to me and it tested my historical knowledge but in the end, by listening to the facts and challenging my instincts, I have been able to increase my net worth and 'become my own banker.

    Chris J.,
    Partner/CFO, Corporate Accounting Firm
  • My "Wealth Coach"

    I came to you for financial guidance - the practical - retirement, life insurance, typical financial applications; what I got was so much more than that. I got a mindset change in the process. I was able to see money for more than just dollars and cents - the character of it - my character through it – really, the whole psychology of money. You have done so much more than I expected that I have started telling people that you are my "Wealth Coach."

    Gina W.,
    Small Business Owner
  • I Walked Away With a ‘To Do’ List to Keep Me on Track!

    If only we could bottle her energy. I attended a program for business women and Kasandra Vitacca Mitchell was the featured speaker. The focus of the presentation centers around “The Happiness Formula”, where by balancing health, wealth, and relationships we can achieve happiness. Wow! This lady is a dynamo. The results of her research make for an interesting program, with great advice on how to achieve success. I came away from the program with renewed energy, a higher level of focus, and a ‘To Do’ list to keep me on track!

    Angela P.,
    Retired Corporate Risk Manager
  • You Confirmed What I Had Been Thinking

    I was, at the time of your presentation, going through the decision making process of whether or not to separate from my business partner. While listening to you talk about ‘The Total Business Woman’ and being present and committed, I realized that you were confirming what I had been thinking for quite some time in regard to my partner’s lack of commitment. Since then and based on what I heard from you, I have sealed the deal and broken free of my partner.

    Vicky W.,
  • A Master of Her Craft

    What convinced me to work with Kasandra and her team was they took the time to guide me through a process. When I think of Kasandra I think of someone who is a master of her craft in financial strategy. You give me your attention and your time and you don’t have to do that. You genuinely choose to help people. I would be pretty well off if we had not met, but then you came in and made it a lot better. You took me to a higher tier that I did not realize I was capable of reaching. You chose to give me that gift and it is precious and it is incredibly rare. The pointe of difference that you offer, is that you truly care about my family first.

    Ryan C.,
    Business Owner

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