People who spend time learning from Kasandra Vitacca Mitchell consistently express their delight that they “know what to do.”

As an educator with a laser focus on your ROI, Kasandra designed her webinars to bring you specific information on targeted topics.

The webinars are an offshoot of what she addresses in her book, “The Happiness Formula.” Because she spends 20-30 minutes on one topic, you will be able to develop your specific action plan to increase your success and HAPPINESS in that area.

  • Full of Energy

    Kasandra is full of energy and information! No boring speaker here!!

    Debi T.
  • You Just Got Smarter

    If you spend 20-30 minutes with Kasandra, you will know you just got smarter.”

    Justin M.
  • Keep Me On Track!

    “I came away from the program with renewed energy, a higher level of focus, and a ‘To Do’ list to keep me on track!”

    Angela P.

Kasandra has developed webinars in several areas:

  • This 4-part webinar takes us on a deeper dive into each element of “The Formula”: IQ, EQ, GQ, and HQ. You can purchase these as a set or individually.

  • In the 1984 movie, “Karate Kid,” the main protagonist, Daniel, seeks the training of Mr. Miyagi but becomes increasingly frustrated as Mr. Miyagi has him wax cars, paint fences, and sand decks. When Daniel can’t take anymore, he demands Mr. Miyagi teach him karate. Mr. Miyagi instructs him to wax the car or paint the fence while he swings and kicks at Daniel who deflects his blows each time due to the muscle memory of waxing, painting, and sanding. Leaders who have the highest success engage in similar behaviours. The Leadership/Success series teaches fundamental attitudes, attributes, and action that must be so ingrained in your routine, you can deflect future blows at your success.

  • Our Relationships series dives into sex, singleness, love, and marriage. Kasandra answers the question, “How do you get it “right”?”

  • This series will look at the differences of wealth v. lifestyle, insurance v. investments, and more.

    This webinar series is coming soon.

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