What is the right answer, the correct combination of attitudes and actions that will enable you to 

live the life you have always wanted?

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“The Happiness Formula” is for the person who...

…is ready to apply the actions and attitudes of a “leader” because she is mature enough to take on responsibilities that impact not only herself but others.

…will listen to advise and implement best practices even when these behaviors might be new or even hard.

…has lived long enough to know that there is something more powerful at play shaping the course of events and has a mustard seed of faith in God.

…knows “good is the enemy of great” and is ready to have peace, joy, love and freedom – HAPPINESS!

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Life is a combination of our own effort to get educated, get honest, and get humble.

When we combine IQ + EQ + GQ… the only result is HQ™!



With decades of experience educating young adults to retirees and everyone in between, Kasandra Vitacca Mitchell has developed a formula for success that will enable one to achieve a desired outcome in any area of life – health, wealth, personal relations, spirituality, etc. On a daily basis, one will finally grasp the illusive “happiness” we all seek.

As a Financial Advisor for over a decade, Kasandra has helped thousands of people across America achieve financial security. Now, as a Speaker, Teacher, and Author, she is on a mission to bring her research, wisdom, and authenticity to audiences as people implement “The Happiness Formula” which released January 2019.

Kasandra has an undergraduate degree and a Masters from Stanford University and after 15+ years as an “Organizational Design & Efficiency Expert” in corporate America, Kasandra has spent the last 10+ years as an Independent Financial Advisor specializing in insurance as an asset. She is based in Dallas/Fort Worth and serves clients around the nation. She is a committed leader in the American Business Women’s Association, a mentor with Texas Christian University BNSF Neely Leadership Program, as well as mentoring women around the nation who want to increase their relationship with Jesus. When she is not with her husband or adult children, she is at yoga, studying Hebrew and Torah, and discipling women in their walk with Yeshua.