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Kasandra’s Review

This is another absolute MUST read!

Is taxation theft? Where does government get its authority to use force? What is the scope of the power held by government? What happens to society when government ignores limits on the scope of its power, and establishes for itself the power to violate individual rights of life, liberty and/or property?

These are the questions focused upon by Bastiat in his famous pamphlet, “The Law”. Owing much to John Locke (in particular, Locke’s “Second Treatise of Government”), the essence of Bastiat’s message is that “Life is a gift from God”, that life requires an individual to exercise his thoughts and body so as to survive (liberty), and that the fruits of one efforts cannot sustain one if one is deprived of his right to use those fruits in the way he or she sees fit (property).

Long treasured by those opposed to socialism or communism, “The Law” is undeniably a rich source of topics for debate for politicos of all stripes. It challenges those in favour of collectivism to examine the logical consistency, and the moral implications, of their philosophy. But it also challenges strong proponents of life, liberty and property to examine the economic and governmental implications of their stance. For example, how is one to finance the operations of government without taxation?

Whatever your political orientation, you are sure to find “The Law” to be an interesting read.

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