Financial Services By Kasandra Vitacca Mitchell

Since 2008, Kasandra Vitacca Mitchell has helped individuals and families around the country as an independent financial advisor. She and her team of investment and insurance consultants specialize in maximizing and optimizing one’s dollar such that you not only have more tomorrow, you enjoy more today.

Whether someone has entered the workforce and has their first full-time job or s/he is a seasoned business owner with decades of experience, Kasandra and her team have proven they can increase what one is able to distribute to themselves in retirement by 30-50% with 50-70% of that income guaranteed.

For Individuals, Business Owners, Industry Professionals and Companies, we offer the following:

  • College Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Life Insurance (Convertible Term and Whole Life)
  • Business Insurance (Key Man, Buy-Sell, Executive Bonus…)
  • Annuities
  • Long Term Care
  • Managed Money Accounts (Via Personal Economics Group)
  • Roths, IRAs, 401K rollovers (Via Personal Economics Group)
  • REITs and Alternative Investments (Via Personal Economics Group)
  • CPEs for professionals who advise others about their money (CPS, Lawyers, ….)
  • ERISA Certification for companies to comply with annual financial education requirement
  • Experts in “Distribution Strategies”
  • Experts in the “Private Reserve System
  • “It is not net worth that matters; it is net results.”

  • “Money is not math; money is human behavior.”


Kasandra has been blessed to adjust your lifestyle so that all net proceeds from her earnings support the following charities:

    • USO
    • AMEA Ministries International (The Abraham missionaries)
    • Bent Tree Bible Fellowship
    • Compassion International
    • Groundwire Media Outreach
    • Montserrat Jesuit Retreat House
    • Joseph’s Indian School
    • Vitacca Mitchell Scholarship
    • American Business Women’s Asso., Stephen Bufton Memorial Educational Fund
    • Sigma Pi Phi, Delta Mu Boule
    • Communities Foundation of Texas, North Texas Giving Day
    • Alcoholics Anonymous, (Aquarius group)
    • Prager University
    • Skip Moen Hebrew Word Study
    • Hebrew4Christians

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